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5 Truths You Should Know About Healing

As we heal, what we experience can be extremely different than what we expect. Here’s a few examples of some uncomfortable truths you may go through on your journey of healing.

1. You'll have to let go

We become attached to alot of things in life. And as you evolve you will be called to let go of the attachments that no longer serve you. This very much includes things and people you love. And it's not like you stop loving these things, you just realize you have to take a step away from them. And that can be tough and confusing. "If I love it shouldn't I hold on to it?"And sometimes you will realize that the answer is NO. You will have to learn that the love can stay but you have to love from afar.

The beauty of this is that by releasing attachments that no longer serve you means that you are making room for what does. So if you have detached yourself from what no longer serves you, then expect some upgrades to happen in life.

2.“Ships” may sink

Whether it’s a relationship, friendship, or partnership, you may begin to feel disconnected from certain people in your reality that aren’t growing with you. This new version of yourself that you are becoming may have different values, perspectives, boundaries and outlooks that dissolve old connections. As you grow, what and how you value yourself, your life, relationships, connections, and career will also evolve. What you no longer value or connect with sticks out in your reality like a sore thumb. The uncomfortable feeling becomes a driving force for you to want to seek things and people that are more aligned. And you will attract new people and experiences. You may get the sudden urge to want to clean house and let go of people to make room for new connections. Spiritually it’s important to make space for who supports the new version of you.

3. You may spend a lot of time alone

As you embark on your journey of healing, you may find yourself spending a lot of time alone. But do not confuse being alone will equal loneliness. If you do feel lonely, then realize the cure to loneliness IS being alone. Running to others just to feel ok is like a temporary bandage. It's not the cure. Be alone so that you can heal that part of you that is afraid of loneliness. YOU are the cure to your loneliness, not anyone else. If you feel like you are experiencing a force that is making you spend more time alone than take advantage of that time with yourself. Get to know yourself deeper. Spend time doing the things you want to do that you enjoy. Take yourself out on a date. Enjoy the person you are so you know what the world has to look forward to from experiencing you. You are never alone, you are always walking with your Spirit.

4.You’ll have to do shadow work

When light shines on an object it creates a shadow. As you step into your light you may be surprised how that light will also radiate the shadow self so it can not be ignored. It’s time to befriend this side of you. Don’t disassociate from this part of yourself. Get to know this shadow side. Balance and Harmony is knowing what makes you smile as deeply as you know what makes you angry. As a being who is whole, you have a light and dark side.You are not perfect, you are whole. Do not shy away from the shadow work. It will help your light shine even brighter.

5. You’ll experience an ego death

Death is what we avoid, which is what makes evolving so difficult. We have to let parts of ourselves die in order for new parts of ourselves to be born. Our ego is connected to our persona. And our persona is connected to our personality. Our personality is connected to our identity. And you may connect your identity to outside attachments (ie. relationships, career, family, etc)

Healing will eventually require us to sacrifice our egos in many ways in order to become someone new. This may be the most challenging part of our spiritual journey. People don’t realize how much they do want to hold onto the current version of who they and their reality until you ask them to change. It's hard to let go of the old version that you knew for so long. But when you are ready to love and be a new version of you, then you will understand the purpose of the ego death. It's the beginning of your Rebirth.


Brittany S. Hall

Life Coach & CEO of Spirit of Alignment

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