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4 Secrets about Your Unconscious Mind

Everyone thinks of the unconscious mind differently. And I know you are probably thinking, what else can I learn about it? Otherwise, why would you be reading this.

When you think of your unconscious mind, do you have a picture? Is it of this secondary mind lurking in the shadows. That's how many people picture their subconscious mind, as a secondary mind. But in actuality, your subconscious mind is the one running the show. Let's learn how.

First of all, let me just say if ever I say subconscious mind in my writing in the future I am also referring to your unconscious mind. Subconscious/Unconscious, same thing. Let's continue.

Here are a few secrets you should know about your unconscious mind.

Technically these aren't exactly secrets since you can google these facts. But some things feel like secrets when you're just finding out about them.

Secret #1

Your unconscious mind loves you. That's right. It really does love you. That's why when you have experiences that are painful towards you and unresolved, your subconscious mind grabs a hold of them and stores them somewhere that will make you forget about them to protect you from the emotions of the experience. If you are wondering why you can't remember some of the trauma and details you have experienced even though you KNOW the experience happened, this is why. When you have unresolved negative emotions from traumatic experiences, you unconscious mind protects you by repressing the memories.

Secret #2

Now let's say a repressed memories pops back up into your awareness out of nowhere one day. Well, your subconscious mind is actually trying to direct you to release emotions connected to the memory or to make rational sense of it. Either way it popped back up to be let go. Funny how that happens.

Secret #3

Your unconscious mind organizes your memories in relation to time. If the time aspect were not present we would not be able to tell the past from the future. Every time you remember a past event, you are merely remembering the latest data from your perception of that event. And future memories are just as real to the unconscious mind as the memories of the past. Your unconscious mind can not tell the difference between memories that are "made up" and memories that are recalled. Your internal representation of something, whether made up or recalled is real either way to the unconscious mind. These workings of the unconscious mind can work for you or against you depending on your awareness of this.

Now if you read this far then you have gotten to the point where I am about to share one of the most important secrets about the unconscious mind. I didn't put this as secret #1 even though I think it should very well be. But this proves that you earned learning this very important secret.

Secret #4

You unconscious mind follows your instructions. It is here to serve you and it eagerly wants to. And it will regardless of whether or not you are conscious of how you are instructing it. For example, whenever you say "I can't do blah blah blah" you unconscious mind is like "Ok, I can't do blah blah blah." If you say, "I am always running out of money." you unconscious mind will so "Ok, I'll make that a goal." The unconscious mind follows instructions to accomplish the goals and task you give to it. And the things you say out loud, even though you think your unconscious isn't listen, are considerable instructions for the unconscious mind. Saying

Saying "I am always running out of money" is like telling to your unconscious mind "make that my goal." And what you will start to unconsciously do is spend your money until you run out. Because you told your unconscious mind that was the goal. This is how self sabotage happens. What your unconscious mind downloads as instructions are based on your self talk. Your unconscious mind is always listening and seeking. Seeking to complete goals and seek out more and more evidence to complete the task. So if you feel like you have been self sabotaging lately, then reflect on your self talk and the instructions you have been giving your unconscious mind. You have probably put your unconscious mind to work to do self sabotaging task. Take responsibility. Realize that it's time to partake in a new language when it comes to your self talk. And since your unconscious mind is ready and willing to serve you, give your mind the task of building you up, seeking out your abundance, and make your world a kingdom by speaking to yourself like you are royalty and deserving of love, affection, grace, understanding, patience and respect.

Here are a few examples of statements your Unconscious Mind considers as instructions that can be harmful and self sabotaging. If you find that you say some of these statements, then it's time to STOP RIGHT NOW.

"This is killing me."

(instructions to kill your own energy and cells.)

"I'm sick of this

( instructions to create sickness in self.)

"This is a headache"

(instructions to create mental tension)

"I can't make any money"

(instructions to block abundance)

"My life sucks"

(instructions to create an unpleasant reality)

"They are a pain in my ass"

(instructions to create pain and unpleasant feelings in the presence of certain individuals )

"I don't have time."

(instructions to create lack in resourceful time)

"I can't do it."

(instructions to fail)

"I don't know"

(instructions to give into not knowing an answer.)

These are just a few examples that should open your awareness to how easy it is to unconsciously give our unconscious mind instructions.

There are plenty of more facts to know about the unconscious mind and I'll definitely blog about them some more. But for now I will leave you with this. Trust me, if you took in everything you just learned about the unconscious mind and inspired to implement some changes then you should definitely feel like you now have some homework to focus on until next time.


Brittany S. Hall

Life Coach & CEO of Spirit of Alignment

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